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Light boxes are probably the most popular type of illumination advertisement. The front side of the box is usually made of a transparent material – cellular polycarbonate or acrylic glass. It is usually covered with an application of translucent vinyl film, plotter-cut or full color-printed.

Lately, light boxes with aluminum composite material front sides. The logo, letters and all other elements are being cut out in the aluminum. After that, the same text and elements are laser-cut in 2-20 mm thick acrylic glass to create extra volume for letters and a glow at the sides of letters.

The back side of the box holds a constructive function and is most often made of zinc-plated steel. The inside metal structure is a shaped tube welded frame.

The back side of the light box holds luminescent with stranglers, starters and condensers which provide inside illumination of the box.

For the sides of the box one can use either zinc-plated or aluminum profiles as well as aluminum composite material.

Using different materials and technologies allows to make light boxes of almost any size and shapes (also substandard).


Light boxesLight boxesLight boxes
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